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Experience the pinnacle of personalised fitness guidance with our team of certified personal trainers at ONYX. Our expert personal trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through tailored personal fitness training programs. Whether you’re looking for weight loss, strength training, or specialised online personal training, our highly skilled trainers have the knowledge and experience to create customised workouts that deliver results.

With their expertise and guidance, you’ll receive the best personal training sessions designed to maximize your progress and keep you motivated. Discover the transformative power of having the best personal trainer by your side and unlock your full fitness potential. Find the best personal trainer near you at ONYX and take the first step towards achieving your fitness goals.

Our Personal Training process

  1. Step 1

    Initial Consultation

  2. Step 2

    Fitness Assessment

  3. Step 3

    Goal Setting

  4. Step 4


  5. Step 5

    Nutrition and Lifestyle Planning

  6. Step 6

    Training & Ongoing Support

  7. Step 7


Step One: Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is an opportunity for both you and your Coach to learn more about one another and assess if you’ll be the right fit. Your Coach will go over their background and experience, case studies of how they have helped other clients, their pricing, personal training structure and their terms and conditions. Your Coach will also ask you to share information about yourself such as goals, exercise history, medical conditions or any limitations you may have. From there, you’ll have an opportunity to decide whether to proceed with your Coach or perhaps meet with another one of our Coaches and assess whether they would be a better fit.

Step Two: Fitness Assessment

Once you commence personal training, the Coach will conduct a series of assessments to obtain a baseline level of where you’re is currently at. These assessments may include taking measurements such as body part circumferences or weight, cardiovascular testing, strength testing, flexibility testing, or any other movement-based testing, depending on your goals. You will also have the opportunity to do an Evolt360 body scan which will provide you with a very comprehensive analysis of your overall body composition.

Step Three: Goal Setting

Based on what you want to achieve and also the results of the Fitness Assessment, the Coach will then work with you to develop very specific and measurable goals. Longer term goals will usually be set first, then smaller, short term goals or milestones will be set to provide direction and ensure that you remain on the right track. During this goal setting phase, the Coach will also ensure that all goals set are realistic and achievable, whilst also having set very clear timeframes. Expectations and accountabilities are also set, so that both parties are clear on what is expected of them in order to achieve the desired results.

Step Four: Programming

Your Coach will then design a personalised exercise program based on your set goals, exercise preferences, training frequency, and also physical limitations. The program may include cardiovascular training, weight training, conditioning and/or stretching, and mobility exercises.

Step Five: Nutrition & Lifestyle Planning

Your Coach will also work with you to determine any nutritional or lifestyle changes that may need to be made to assist you in achieving your goals. This may include basic healthy eating information, learning about different food groups, how to read nutritional labels, getting in enough steps throughout the day, the importance of sleep etc. This planning is equally – if not more – important than the programming and training aspect of personal training, and demonstrates how ONYX Coaches provide more than just exercise instruction. They are complete fitness coaches.

Step Six: Training & Ongoing Support

Based on the program that was designed for you, your Coach will initially spend time demonstrating each exercise so you can learn the correct movements, technique, and form. As you improve, the training will generally increase in difficulty by progressively increasing in frequency, intensity and/or duration of exercise. More complex exercises may also be introduced as you continue to improve in your training. Throughout the ongoing training phase, your Coach will continuously monitor progress and make adjustments to the programming as necessary, whilst also providing ongoing motivation and support

Step Seven: Reassessment

Your Coach will periodically assess your progress against your initial goals. To ensure goals have been achieved, your Coach will take new measurements and conduct testing again to assess this progress.

Once your goals are achieved, it doesn’t end there! New goal setting and programming is discussed and completed to ensure you’re consistently motivated and making ongoing progress toward a stronger, healthier version of yourself!

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At ONYX Gym, we strive to provide the best fitness experience for our members. Our team of experienced Coaches are here to help you reach your goals and be there for you every step of your fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal training is a one-on-one fitness service provided by one of our expert coaches. They will design a tailored exercise program for you based on your goals and will guide and motivate you every step of the way. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your overall fitness, compete in bodybuilding or powerlifting or just be more active, our personal training services can help you achieve your goals!

Personal training can help you take your fitness and training to the next level! Whether you’re a gym junkie or absolute beginner, personal training can benefit you. The difference between training alone or with one of our coaches, is that with personal training, you’ll have someone there providing you with guidance, support and motivation as well as holding you accountable. It’s not easy doing that by yourself!

The cost of personal training varies depending on the coach you train with, the duration of your sessions and how often you want to train. A once off session is generally $80+, but it is best to discuss this with our coaches, as they can go through their specific pricing as well as discounts for packages. You can view our Coaches here.

You will have an initial consultation to discuss your goals, medical history and/or limitations you may have, as well as a fitness assessment to evaluate your current fitness level. This information will be used for your coach to then develop a tailored program for you. Your first training session with your coach will generally involve going through the exercises on your program, ensuring you understand how to perform them, as well as provide you with guidance on your form and technique.

Of course! All our Personal Trainers will create a customised exercise program based on your goals, fitness level, and any specific needs or limitations you may have. They will design a program that also considers your preferences, such as the types of exercises you enjoy or prefer to do. Your Coach will then take you through each of the exercises to ensure you are performing them correctly and will motivate you week by week to make progress on your program. Alternatively, if you require a program only and are happy to train by yourself, our personal trainers can do this too.

Yes, that is one of the first things our Coaches do with you. There’s no point jumping straight into training if you have no goals to work towards! They will work with you to identify realistic and achievable – but still challenging- goals based on your individual circumstances. They can provide guidance, track your progress, and adjust your program as needed to ensure you stay on track toward achieving your goals.

The time it takes for you to see results vary depending on a number of factors such as the frequency of your training, any limitations you have, your nutrition, how consistent you are, and also how much experience you have. Generally, if you are consistently training 3-4 days per week, following a well-designed program, and are also eating well, you can start noticing results in strength, endurance, and small changes to your body in only a few weeks! Significant changes and body transformations may however take several months, but timeframes and goals can be discussed and planned with your personal trainer.

Personal training offers numerous benefits, as it can fast track your progress when compared to training on your own. It makes you more accountable and consistent, you will be pushed and motivated more, your exercise technique can be critiqued, goal setting and tracking of progress is greater, you’ll receive expert programming and you’ll also have access to expert advice to tailor and adapt your training as you progress and/or as your needs change.

The number of sessions per week depends on your goals, schedule, budget, and fitness level or ability to recover. Some people may benefit from one or two sessions per week, while others may prefer more frequent sessions. However, it is important to find a balance that allows you to make progress, while also giving your body time to rest and recover between sessions. Your Coach can help you determine how many sessions per week would be ideal for you.