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Hack Squat

Our state-of-the-art Watson Adjustable Hack Squat machine is a favourite among the ONYX community and a go-to machine for leg day! We’re lucky enough to be one of the few gyms in Australia to have this revolutionary machine. It features a built-in hydraulic system that allows you to seamlessly change the back angle anywhere from 30 to 70 degrees.

By incorporating variable angles into your hack squat workout, you’ll engage more muscle fibres and have greater overall leg development beyond what a standard fixed angle machine can offer. In addition to this, our hack squat also has a fully adjustable footplate, allowing you to shift the load to better target specific muscle groups such as the quads, hamstrings, or glutes, again resulting in far greater leg development. Its versatility is perfect for bodybuilders, people with injuries or knee/ankle limitations, or just anyone looking to grow their legs and achieve outstanding results!

Chest Supported T-Bar Row

A T-Bar Row like no other! Designed to effectively target your middle and upper back muscles, our Watson Chest Supported T Bar Row takes back training to new levels, thanks to its innovative fully adjustable handles. With adjustable width options, they also freely rotate to align perfectly with your body’s biomechanics, allowing you to use a wider or narrower width and also an underhand or overhand position (or anything in between!).

In addition, the footplate is also height adjustable to accommodate for various body types and heights, resulting in optimal positioning for your body’s biomechanics. This results in maximum engagement of your back muscles and superior recruitment of muscle fibres for unparalleled results. Be sure to use our chest-supported t-bar row during your next back session at ONYX!

Belt Squat

Reduce stress on your spine, shoulders and upper body, whilst reaping all the benefits of traditional squats with our Hammer Strength Belt Squat! This innovative piece of equipment takes traditional squatting movements and optimizes them for maximum results. Instead of using a barbell on your back and shoulders, the belt squat utilises a specialised belt system that evenly distributes the load across your hips.

By eliminating the need to support weight on your upper body, the Belt Squat allows for a more focused and isolated leg workout. It will work your quads, hamstrings and glutes like never before, offering a unique and effective way to build both strength and size in your legs. An added bonus of our belt squat is that it also has optional dip handles allowing you to easily set up and do weighted dips in a matter of seconds! It can be a little confusing to set it up for the first time, so feel free to ask one of our friendly staff for assistance if you ever need a hand!

Super Incline Press

Our Panatta Super Incline Bench Press is one of the few plate-loaded incline presses with its seat on a 45 degree angle as opposed to an upright seat. This deliberate incline better replicates a freeweight incline press, with the added benefit of stability. It is also packed with adjustments for the added benefit of versatility.

It has multiple height starting positions, a wide range of grips on the handles and also an innovative foot pedal. This pedal allows you to slightly lift the load off the bottom, allowing you to easily get into position and provides a superior range of motion. The upper chest is usually more difficult to develop than the lower chest, so our Super Incline press is perfect to target your upper chest more effectively to achieve a well-rounded and balanced overall chest appearance. Give it a try and watch your chest grow!

Gym equipment you won’t find anywhere else…

ONYX is proud to offer a wide range of unique gym equipment and machines you won’t find at your regular gym. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from all the best brands including Hammer Strength, Rogue, Cybex, Watson and Panatta. Great for bodybuilders, powerlifters, or if you’re just trying to put on muscle. Powerlifters can also enjoy our awesome range of power bars, deadlift bars, safety squat bars, bench blocks, deadlift blocks, and an IPF power rack. We also provide chalk!

Additionally, we have a massive functional training area fitted out with boxing bags, rowers, a ski erg, air bikes and air runner, plyo boxes and a great range of bands and foam rollers for all your warm up or rehab needs! Our huge selection of cardio machines are also equipped with Netflix and Spotify, making that 45 minute cardio session a breeze!

At ONYX, we understand the importance of variety and innovation in fitness, which is why we will continuously invest in unique gym equipment to provide you with a dynamic and fulfilling workout experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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